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  • Gardens Of Zen


    Like gardens of Zen, to plant e’er again, we create the source, of our cosmic course. With intent, we sway, how karma will play, by the stones we set, shifts what we beget. Arranged by our hand, ripples in the… Read More ›

  • The Passing


    A fading Summer, one last ray Dandelion, that, in the breeze Nods lonely, for one more day Birds and bees in aspen trees Nature’s song in Earth and Air Symphony amid warmth of noon Autumn night, they wait, aware Brush… Read More ›

  • The Raven’s Lair


    From the nightmare ere the last, locked within the shadows cast, unfathomed are the reasons why, he who glares and lingers nigh. His eyes obsidian, fixed on me, in pensive thought, so silently. He’s a mystery cloaked in night, from… Read More ›

  • The Rainbow And Rose


    He colored the sky, she perfumed the earth, beneath the clouds, from Heaven high. Seeing her beauty rapt in stillness, a blushing flower, his heart, a bliss. The rainbow and rose paired by nature, amid Spring showers as new love… Read More ›

  • Autumn Born


    Seasons change, Nature’s fair, while this August loiters by. September whispers in the air, as Summer trembles in her sky. Soon, the sunny dusk and dawn, shall set and rise with scorn — another Season’s waking yawn, from the infant… Read More ›


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