Clear As Mud


Fragile is the heart that knows all the winding paths we chose bridges burned, a lesson learned time and again, journeys turned clear as mud, our eyes wide shut wiser, more or less, somewhat. © Roxi St. Clair

October Morn


Morning eclipsed by silvered cloud over Autumn hued leaves, the shroud For Earth, as she drinks her treasure while each droplet falls to measure October breeze, sweeps their refrain dances and dodge, amidst the rain Mumuring sounds at dawn, this day my head upon Morn’s breast, I lay. © Roxi St. Clair

Black & White


Not all things are black and white, places between the dark and light. Within the nooks, in palest shades, one begins, where the other fades. For both are a canvas to hue upon, neither exclusive, and never gone. © Roxi St. Clair


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