• patti-page

    Adopt! Don’t Shop!

    As part of World Animal Day – I wanted to share a video provided by The Humane Society of the United States. In 1952, Patti Page recorded an innocent and simple tune about a “doggie” in a pet shop window. Page says, “At the time, ‘Doggie in the Window’ seemed like a sweet and harmless message,” but times have changed. Page said she hopes that when people hear the old familiar “Doggie” melody, they’ll think about homeless animals and [Read More...]
  • Portland-Pony-Express

    Yesterday’s Tomorrow – A Portland Journey

    This “New” Portland Oregon that is captivating national attention – how new is it really? Uncage the Soul Productions explored the idea of change by placing their cameras in the positions and angles of their favorite Portland historic images to create a dynamic, digitally animated “then and now” showing the history of Portland over the last 100+ years. Time is fluid, just like the video. Change is all about us; good or bad, happy or sad. What’s changed? What [Read More...]
  • seapuppy

    Puppies of the Sea

    What an amazing encounter with nature! Diver Gary Grayson has an unforgettable experience with a couple of Atlantic Grey Seals while diving in the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Great [Read More...]
  • bettywhitedoggie

    Betty White Said What???

    I think this is perhaps the cutest and funniest dog video I’ve seen in quite awhile. A little dog named Betty White is at the groomers and sure has a LOT to say about her predicament! HaHaHa! ;-)   [Read More...]
  • Goat

    This is Baaaaadddd!

    Crazy day today, so found a funny to share with you. Warning: don’t drink anything while watching this, you will likely spray it all over your screen! [Read More...]
  • pbdog

    Dogs Vs. Peanut Butter!

    I love peanut butter, but I think every dog I’ve had in my life, loves it even more! Here’s a Saturday giggle for all of you… some dogs who have peanut butter stuck on the ‘woof’ of their mouths! LOL [Read More...]
  • O me! O life!

    A year ago today, we lost a extraordinary man. Robin Williams was a kind man, noted for his good deeds and the joy he brought to so many of our lives. In my favorite film of his, The Dead Poets Society, he played a controversial English teacher named John Keating. In one scene, he crouches in the middle of the classroom. He tells his students to huddle up. They pull in close… He quotes from Walt Whitman: O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; Of the endless trains of [Read More...]
  • A Whale Of A Surprise!

    I sat watching this video with my mouth hanging open. What an amazing experience this guy had even though he ended up having to change his shorts! LOL  [Read More...]
  • pmj

    Postmodern Jukebox

    The work of Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox has been viewed on the ensemble’s YouTube channel well over 150 million times. These clever and talented viral-video/YouTube sensations have likely shown up on yours or a friend’s Facebook wall—no doubt ecstatically captioned with glowing praises for their uncanny ability to take a contemporary pop hit and reincarnate it into a superb, vintage-flavored songbook standard from the last century. The brainchild of arranger/pianist/musical [Read More...]
  • rollinwild

    Rollin’ Safari Friday Funnies!

    Happy Friday Funnies! Rollin’ Safari is a collection of animated shorts, featuring obese, bloated wild animals attempting to grab a bite to eat and relax in their natural habitat. They are brilliantly funny! ;-) Visit their website @ ! [Read More...]



Today Is World Animal Day!

Animals are wonderfully amazing and their presence on this beautiful planet only enriches our own individual human journey through life. There are a lot of things in the [Read More...]


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