Second Wind

With dusk behind the rocky shore beneath amber sky, sea birds soar day settles down for twilight sleep my soul is lingering still and deep past and future goes hand in hand together as one, like sea and sand heading… Read More ›

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  • A Better Place


    Let us, for a moment forget… a world of strife, toil and fret and may we linger as we will with calm heart that’s ever still touch another with gentle hand embrace souls from every land rise above intolerance and… Read More ›

  • Mantra


    Therefore, I will not fear To walk a path now clear. This is a brand new day To cast all doubt away. The Ones that nod above Teach me there’s only love. © Roxi St. Clair

  • Heron


    The gentle breeze going west, the heron, his wings weave like a web in the sky perfectly suspended graceful flight just above as the water unfolds his reflection plowed from its depths. He drifts below a sun sheathed in clouds… Read More ›

  • Eclipse


    The virgin Moon gives birth to stars seeding the night sky – and the Sun, her midwife.   © Roxi St. Clair

  • The River, She Flows


    Her melody, a gift, wind carries adrift where all may hear her message is clear drink from her bowl quench thirsty soul her wisdom ancient and lovingly patient beyond those ways past reckoned days her reflection glows, the river, she… Read More ›

  • Crux


    Flow now, obsidian blood of pen write with every spasm of thought as verse entwines love and angst until the night, breaks into sunrise for the silence is yours, dear poet and with hoarse voice, time agrees. © Roxi St…. Read More ›

  • One Epic Hour


    There he was, perched in a tree with smile and wink, he looked at me… I asked him what his name might be, he then replied, “I’m Hoots McGee! Sometimes when we drift in dreams strange things happen, so it… Read More ›

  • Repose


    Born of earth lying on their backs looking upwards unto heaven creating a bed upon which nature lies evolution revolves, time pulses forward seasons change, weather hones, silent bones. Still as stone, but not alone. © Roxi St. Clair

  • Twin Flames


    True love never parts, and distance lingers not… for each day comes night, when candles again, ignite. © Roxi St. Clair

  • Reflection


    My Beloved once asked these things of me: “If you could wish for just one wish, and it came true, what would it be? If you could define the meaning of love, what is the one thing that holds the… Read More ›

  • The Path


    Night was with child, that birthed a new day, and then I, when dawn wakened, began my way. I walk accompanied with a hundredfold soul finding wisdom on paths upon which I stroll. For countless echoes from this journey springs,… Read More ›

  • Remains of the Season


    Wind thrashes in trees like a wild beast tangled in a net as Winter falls to the feet of Spring. © Roxi St. Clair

  • Geisha (芸者)


    From the scarlet Sun of the distant East, she’s an almond-eyed porcelain goddess — draped in a fabric slowly spun by five-thousand silkworms. Rice paper fan clutched in gentle hand, she postures for her miyako odori – a graceful cherry… Read More ›


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