One Soft Ray

One word more, gentle verse, a ‘morrow thoughts sifted o’er bleeds heart bare in wake of yesterday departed; memory nods the piercingly silent ladened air as if today had already dawned and left, one more day dropped and lost the way Haze marks itself upon an empty shell yet sun and soul linger’st one soft […]

The Sovereign

Beloved sentry, alone in your dignified repose, you tower in the distance with graceful persistence. Patient through rain or sun still standing when the day is done beneath natal stars that bloom like springtime flowers or loitering gloom that winter brings and summer eves when sparrows sing. Deeply rooted, older, bolder, veins burn within the […]


Frozen on the tower roof, a grey-faced guardian peers down into the seething shadows of life below. With stiffened claws, he grips the ledge between his still-fanned wings. The cloud canopy covers the fierce despair of twisted limbs and glaring eyes. He waits, and watches the bloodshed far below… far below… hearing the screams of […]

The Journey Through Hell

When the Renaissance was being born and the Dark Ages were giving way to a new era, society was becoming more cultured with music and the arts and scholars were founding schools and universities to further the study of science and philosophy. It was during this time in the year 1265, Dante Alighieri was born […]

Potter’s Wheel

Wreath of thorns forehead burning with heavy heart in crimson hands clay is spinning on potters wheel sacred sculpting in tears conceal sacrifice of man. © Roxi St. Clair

Shard Of Heaven

You are, but a tiny shard of pure heaven — darting, dodging, weaving the breeze, hovering amid swooning blossoms. Watch as they lift their skirts at your arrival, so you may sip their sweet nectar — and in gentle countless ways… carry their hearts with you into sky of blue. © Roxi St. Clair

This May Morn

As I harvest with my sleepy eyes, this quiet place beneath blue skies, the fading moon now yields to sun, and this May morn has just begun. In misty meadows, grove, or stream, beauty is always Nature’s theme, where daffodils dress in saffron gold, and in mossy forest, ferns unfold. Among wildflowers and thistle beards, […]


The tiny leaves emerge — tinted with hues of inexperience. © Roxi St. Clair