Midnight Menagerie

Wind is the restless dancer through
these trees of the midnight garden.
Beneath blossoms of pink and pearl —
watch a wolfsbane full-moon howl.
A bird of paradise preens her wings
while poppies flaunt in scarlet cloaks —
hear dogwoods bark and cattails purr;
and feel a snapdragon’s fiery breath!
So ferocious is the dandelion’s growl;
marigolds embroider the mossy ground
where the tiger lily hunts her prey.
The roses with their thorny swords,
standing guard; a bastioned garden —
an iris rubs her purple-lidded eyes,
and a menagerie drifts off to sleep.

© Roxi St. Clair

About Roxi St. Clair

IT Professional by trade and Writer & Photographer for fun!

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