Sound Of Silence

It is the calm before the storm
and the deepest feelings before
being expressed. It is the 3am
in the arms of a lover and the
pause before the kiss. It is the
sun being swallowed by the ocean
and the watchful moon robbed of
speech in solitude. It is the
thought before the prayer and
the lips that are closed over
all that love cannot say. It is
the shadow that falls upon a
gravestone in twilight and the
sound of the grass as it grows.
It is the rose petals that yawn
in the morning sun and the clock
that ran out of time. It is the
hummingbird that lost its wings
and the rainbow piercing the sky.
It is the star before it turns
to dust and the tears in sleep.
It is the feather that falls to
the ground and the lamb after
the slaughter. It is the sound
of the snowflake melting and
the taste before the swallow.
It is the wink of an owl and
one moment after someone has
taken their last breath. It is
the sound a bird makes after it
has already fallen dead from the
nest. It is the canvas before
the paint and the promise that’s
unfulfilled. It is the contemplation
before the poet’s next word and
the candle after the flame dies.

These are just a few of the things I hear.

© Roxi St. Clair

About Roxi St. Clair

IT Professional by trade and Writer & Photographer for fun!

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