Song Of The Sea

It’s a song that journeys
in the wake of a wind.
Maritime psalms —
amid spindrifts’
rolling waves;
the ballads
from far
and far away.
Miniscule shards
blanket the seabed —
honing and smoothing
the sea glass; treasures
of eloquence. Starfish
pulsing and tracing
their fingers
in the sand —
saltwater bathes
those living below
in pink coral caves,
a sacred communing —
urchins, crab,
barnacles, shrimp.
In a sapphire depth,
the dolphin ballet —
watch them pirouette,
whistle, and click.
Octopus newlyweds
entwine one another,
ribboned tentacles spun —
here, are ancient souls;
whales in tribal pods
serenading the sea
with their melody
of soft refrain.
A kelp forest;
sea rays with
long white wings,
gliding over canopy —
beneath; seals, otters,
sea turtles, jellyfish too,
dances to the song of the sea.

© Roxi St. Clair

About Roxi St. Clair

IT Professional by trade and Writer & Photographer for fun!

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