Durability Of Stone

I am a stone
steadfast in rushing water
smoothing and honing
year after year
I watch the future come
and the present go
around and behind me
stately and still
I have been witness
to the seasons
in all their majesty
Fall leaves in topaz orange
and brilliant reds
Spring lavender fringed
with morning dew
and moonlight shadows
on the Winter snow
and oh, how the evening
breeze sighs in the Summer.
On the bank over there –
to the left of me
is a flowering tree…
I’ve witnessed
lovers kissing
and initials carved
inside a heart
never was there
love so fair
and every June
the blossoms return
along with all
the lovers.
I have been here since
the beginning of time
steadfast in rushing water
I am a stone…
and can never die.

© Roxi St. Clair

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