The Kraken

A beast awakens every century or so
When stirrings begin in depths below
He lurks in the darkness of briny seas
As hunter, he preys; he’s deaf to pleas
Ripping bows, keels, compass, and sail
While harpoons fly and tall masts flail
The monster snaps their vessels in two
Sailors meeting demise in water blue
Unblinking black eyes; slithering grips
The Kraken lives in a graveyard of ships.

© Roxi St. Clair

3 thoughts on “The Kraken

  1. I was excited to find your poems today on WordPress. Funny coincidence…we were released from work today due to a power outage. My mind plays with ideas off and on throughout the day, and on the way home I thought of a film clip where the main line is “Release The Kraken” (I think that line is from “Clash Of The Titans.”) Then I get home, catch up on my WordPress reading, find your poems and among them this poem about…The Kraken. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I’m delighted to have found your poems. Many of them have such a strong voice that they affect me the way that the poetry of Mary Oliver often affects me.

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