Tour en l’air

Dancing at dusk
a trance upon the clouds
I stand and gaze at what can be seen
from those heights contained within
the boundaries of heaven
as they blur the earth
and blot the sky
the starling ways are free
as are the wandering clouds
that float gently by.
They have kept the freedom
that Nature gave them
sundown splendid
and serene
to the observer
as they freckle the sky
like flurries of snow –
ribbons of movement
through morphing nebulas
wings against blue
yellow and orange too
and winding passages
nimble, circling, soaring,
swooping ever so lightly
drawing the air of heaven
in every breath.
I watch their beauty
with a peaceful eye
knowing that their
souls are free
as they silently
flutter their sable wings
wavering here and there
wordless and wondrous
through tranquil air.

© Roxi St. Clair

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