The Write Way

I write what I please
nonconforming to meter
or iambics
for to do so —
is as close to artistic death
as I can get.

© Roxi St. Clair

12 thoughts on “The Write Way

      1. So very true. I often come across creative works of others and think my own should be more like those. But we can’t make our hearts like anyone else’s. We must learn to appreciate the beauty we find in our own hearts. Then others can discover it as well. (Just something a little feathered friend told me.)

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        1. Part of the definition of “Creative” as an adjective is having the quality of something created RATHER than imitated. An antonym of that adjective would include ‘unimaginative & unoriginal’

          Art in its purest form is as unique as our fingerprints. 🙂 I think Amelia would certainly agree! hehehe

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    1. “sweaty calisthenics”

      I just spit my tea out when I read this. LMAO…. so true. I’m very disciplined… with my job and many other things. However, writing and photography is a way for me to unwind and decompress from ‘life and work’ and the last thing I want to do is be forced to express my creative endeavors in a rigid and puritanical way!

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