Saturday Squirrel

Here in Oregon, there is a lot of spectacular scenery to appreciate. My neighborhood is surrounded by an evergreen forest that is home to many creatures. I’m often visited by a myriad of them on a daily basis. They are all magical to me; from the tiniest of hummingbirds to the occasional deer that helps themselves to the bird-feeder goodies and all the creatures ‘great and small‘ in-between. This little guy was out this morning with his friends waiting and watching as I refilled the feeders and provided treats for the ground critters. Some folks call them a nuisance… but I call them my friends.

13 thoughts on “Saturday Squirrel

  1. I’m just north of Seattle, WA–so we have plenty of squirrels. One time, one of them came in my mom’s house–climbed up on the sofa to watch TV with her–No Lie!! I’m not fond of them being so close! Just a few weeks ago I also saw a raccoon–that was a first 🙂

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  2. I have lived in several places in Oregon over the years. It is very beautiful. I do miss the Pacific Northwest. Now I live in Arkansas. This is such a cute squirrel. I live in the country and I love the little creatures and outdoors is one of my favorite places to be.

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    1. I have set aside a small budget just to feed the wild critters. LOL — I also buy bags of unsalted peanuts in the shell. They LOVE to grab them and bury them throughout my yard and gardens. I’ve seen them go dig them up during the Winter months when food is scarce. They’re such smart and cute little buggers! 🙂

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