After having my aspirations crushed for not becoming the world champion in full-contact origami or a contender in competitive grape-peeling, I ended up as an IT Analyst (geek-goddess) by trade… (yes, girls can do math, science, technology and shit like that too! ) — I am also a poet, writer, and photographer.

Hanging out with my beloved dogs is a source of domestic servitude that I enjoy very much — I am their human that strictly adheres to the ‘Dog Rules.’ They are the boss of me and I’m okay with that! Living in Oregon, I take every opportunity to spend time in nature. The forest is my backyard with lots of critters that come and visit me daily, and the Pacific Ocean is within an hour’s drive from here. We have rivers, lakes, caves, volcanoes, mountains, and some of the best skiing, hiking, fishing, restaurants, food carts, farmer’s markets, and micro-breweries in the world. It’s certainly an outdoor enthusiast, epicurean, and artists’ paradise!

Because my left-brain gets an exhaustive workout in my occupation, I lapse into right-brain mode whenever possible to maintain a healthy balance and decompress from the chaos of life and work and too much ‘peopling.’ My work derives from a life spent observing, assimilating, listening to, and most crucially, taking note of all that fills my senses. I think that to live a life of expression is paramount and to me; it is the embodiment of freedom. I am interested in existing in a continual state of creativity no matter what form that takes; to find beauty and purpose in the mundane and in the otherwise trite and trivial. I open my heart to the Universe and, in so doing, find inspiration within its wondrous and often incomprehensibly wicked ways.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit!

Roxi St. Clair