Here in Oregon, there is a lot of spectacular scenery to appreciate. My neighborhood is surrounded by an evergreen forest that is home to many creatures. I’m often visited by a myriad of them on a daily basis. They are all magical to me; from the tiniest of hummingbirds to the occasional deer that helps themselves to the bird-feeder goodies and all the creatures ‘great and small‘ in-between. This little guy was out this morning with his friends waiting and watching as I refilled the feeders and provided treats for the ground critters. Some folks call them a nuisance… but I call them my friends.

The Willamette River, which is a tributary to the Columbia River, is one of the many rivers we enjoy here in Oregon. This time of year is spectacular with the leaves now beginning to change.

In the several years that I’ve visited Seaside Oregon, these guys and their dogs have always been parked at the same location playing guitar and rolling their joints. They’re very friendly and I enjoy talking to them during my visits. Their dogs always seem healthy and well-fed and enjoy the occasional belly rubs from visitors! The last time I went, I brought them some cheeseburgers to share with their dogs and dropped some pocket money into their jar in exchange for taking these photos of them (with their permission of course.) Blessed be to all who travel on this journey called life.

In the chambers –
five hundred million
years of history
flowed within.
Not hastily –
for there was
so much time from
when the sea was
yet unnamed…
spiraled by infinite
beginnings and endings.
In sacred geometry,
it held much wisdom
from eras long ago…
then swallowed,
swallowed by tides
in foamy waves –
uncurled by
seaweed fingers
and taken to depths
where only echoes remain.

© Roxi St. Clair