Doors, Corridors, And Lessons Learned

Life is like a maze of hallways full of closed and open doors. The same is true within the chambers of our heart, soul, and mind. Some doors have windows that we may peek into before we choose whether or not we want to turn the knob and walk in. Others are solid, and it […]

Cause And Effect

Why is morality begotten, and then long forgotten? The entitled, entombed, and greedily consumed. As preachers sin at will, the sheep tithe the till. As the mass media chase, the politician’s disgrace. There’s hungry homeless, and adipose, with excess. The wealthy acquire all, while brave soldiers fall. The criminal freely armed, while the innocent, harmed. […]


His ancient presence, an echo between the alpine summits — footprints on glaciers ago never to see sun again, as well, are his bones… weathered, honed, shrouded in hide crimson stained from mammoth lain by his side; died in their prime, both frozen in time. © Roxi St. Clair


In the chambers — five hundred million years of history flowed within. Not hastily — for there was so much time from when the sea was yet unnamed… spiraled by infinite beginnings and endings. In a sacred geometry, it held much wisdom from eras long ago… then swallowed, swallowed by tides in foamy waves — […]


See me spread over landscapes of forest, meadow, and farm. I nourish the wildflowers and warm the roots of all you eat. I am the clay so that you may build bricks and sculptures too. I am the place you bury treasure and loved ones. I absorb the air, water, and organics of Earth — […]


The mind is a recorder that can transform thoughts into reality and destinies into motion. The moment when one chooses which reality, it becomes a catalyst, and their universe will begin to change. © Roxi St. Clair


You flow into me without changing the essence of whom I’ve become; but I am more than I am because you merge into me. © Roxi St. Clair