A beast awakens every century or so When stirrings begin in depths below He lurks in the darkness of briny seas As hunter, he preys; he’s deaf to pleas Suckers are rimmed with jagged teeth Tentacles squeeze and a deadly beak Ripping bows, keels, compass, and sail While harpoons fly and tall masts flail The […]


Turn… turn again and look inside see the geometry as the hues collide entangled and detained brilliant angles flashing in the arithmetic of color a beautiful rainbow contained. © Roxi St. Clair


Soaring o’er tides of dawn until night dusk falls upon sapphired hues, salted air, ‘neath the heavens so fair. © Roxi St. Clair

The Value Of Lions

Majestic under the canopy of Heaven’s sky in sovereign silence, he can be found – guarding the throne of Eternity from which nothing vanishes or becomes expendable. The tracks of his pride, now imprinted and sheltered deep within his heart beyond the horizon of his lament when hunts on Serengeti Plains were replaced by a […]

Night Watch

Ten past sunset, scythed moonlit sphere – ‘neath; a tyrant which hath no mortal fear. Roosting owl, on branch with sternly glare; the wise feathered sentry in nature’s lair. He nods with wink; bidding ‘morrow sun – Now dark! How dark! This day is done! Steadily embraced, in arms of his tree, duty beckons at […]


Each day, I drink my wine and break the bread of life, realizing some things of this world are indigestible. © Roxi St. Clair


In life, some rain must fall – from eyes; a few tears too. Both are gentle showers quenching the thirst of a greater need. © Roxi St. Clair


March seedlings arise from the sowing; Sun and Moon; talisman timekeepers, Butterflies; already yellow with April. © Roxi St. Clair

The Fawn

Softly, the rays of sunlight finds passage through maze of evergreen over mossy dew, where primrose opens anew. White heron or two – glides hello, then goodbye, with widened eye where down below curled, on forest floor, as her kindred’s done many times before… like a bird in nest, she is at rest. Born in […]

Ghost Of Avalon

Tremulous sound under hooves of beast this equine ghost, now finally released his freedom found, after war of kings and battlefields of crimson red scenes he gallops and pierces past misty veil on greater quest, since the Holy Grail unbridled and swift, his nostrils flare with withers, and back, saddleless bare he visits the resting […]

Hung To Dry

That place – where good hearts and senses are slapped in the face like phantom laundry in the wind; there are surely better places to be. © Roxi St. Clair


From the scarlet Sun of the distant East, she’s an almond-eyed porcelain goddess – draped in a fabric slowly spun by five-thousand silkworms. Rice paper fan clutched in gentle hand, she postures for her miyako odori – a graceful cherry blossom dance. Groomed for this moment since childhood, she’s the perfection of etiquette. In the […]