When Life Disrobes Us

Before we are born, we are pure energy. We are more than a random cosmic happenstance and casual cohesion of particles. We are all unique, like a fingerprint, yet we are all of the same Universal Source. Our uniqueness is what gives value to the whole. Our individual experiences become a catalyst for many changes to that energy. At this vibrational level, we begin to absorb the world we find ourselves in, even within the womb. We are born in the clothing of promise until life disrobes us, and then we become subject to human emotions, attachment, bonding, abandonment, suffering, pleasure, trauma, joy, sadness, and disappointment. We become a product of cause and effect. We are influenced by our environment and those who ‘people’ our experiences. We are magnets that attract a myriad of polarities from both negative and positive energies. We are grounded or off-balance depending on our perceptions, beliefs, relationships, boundaries, the safety of body, mind, and spirit. Social conditioning determines our Continue reading “When Life Disrobes Us”

Doors, Corridors, And Lessons Learned

Life is like a maze of hallways full of closed and open doors. The same is true within the chambers of our heart, soul, and mind. Some doors have windows that we may peek into before we choose whether or not we want to turn the knob and enter. Others are solid, and it is a crap-shoot as to what we will walk into. Some doors are locked, and we are denied entry. Sometimes, there are no doors at all. We wander through these corridors, and sometimes we are discovered, sometimes we are lost, and sometimes we just ‘are’. And then there are those who ‘people’ our journey. Continue reading “Doors, Corridors, And Lessons Learned”